Import App Store Metadata to Phrase

Follow these steps to import information from an existing Google Play or App Store Connect listing into Phrase:

  • In the App Store Manager, create the app

  • Make a fresh package

  • Start the import from store mechanism

  • Apply the App Store Manager the imported metadata

  • Export the metadata to an Excel file

  • In Phrase, start a new project

  • File import into Phrase

App Store Manager setup

You can manually enter the app's details or create a new app in the App Store Manager by searching for it (if it has already been published).

Create a new package in the newly formed app.

Give the app a proper name before editing the description.

In the top right corner, click the "Import/Import from Playstore" (Android) or "Import/Import from App Store" (Apple) option.

Add the necessary permissions.

You can find tutorials on the access and permission requirements here: Google Play Console and App Store Connect.

Start importing the metadata from the store and wait for it to finish.

Once the process is completed, click "OK" and add all metadata to your package in the following dialog.

This allowed us to import all of the app's existing metadata into the App Store Manager.

The metadata may now be readily exported, edited in Phrase, and then imported again.

Export metadata to file

Select the function "Export/ Export as XSLT" and save the metadata in an Excel file locally.

The generated file contains all maintained languages and keys (titles, descriptions, and so on).

Phrase setup

Switch to Phrase now and start a new project there. Choose a name for the project and the primary target language.

Add an initial source and target language.

Create the project and then switch to the "Upload" tab. And choose "Upload a file" next.

Import to Phrase

Select the Excel file you created in the App Store Manager and choose "Excel XLSK (.xlsx)" as a format.

Hit "Proceed to Preview".

The preview dialog allows you to view and associate additional information.

  • First, the first column must be declared as Keynames. To do this, select the corresponding value in the upper select box.

  • The other languages must be assigned manually, i.e., this must be done for all columns. Phrase can not recognize this automatically. I.e., selects the appropriate country abbreviation for each column.

  • In the last step, the counter for "Content starts in row" is set to "2".

Press "Import" once you are done.

The imported result is displayed in Phrase and can now be edited further.

This completes the import into Phrase and the export of the app's metadata from the relevant store.


Using App Store Manager, you can easily import app metadata into Phrase from App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

The associated texts can be further changed in Phrase utilizing collaborative tools.

Once the editing is finished, Phrase export, App Store Manager import, and upload may be used to quickly and efficiently republish the modified translated information in the stores.

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