Export Phrase translations to the Stores

Translations for App Store Connect (name, subtitle, description, keywords, version description, promo text) and Google Play Console (title, short description, description) can be created and managed in services like Phrase. The question then is, how do these translations get into the stores? The App Store Manager takes care of this task.

The steps to do this are:

  • Create and manage the translations in Phrase

  • Export the translations to an Excel file

  • Import into the App Store Manager

  • Transfer and upload to the desired store

Export of translations in Phrase

Change to phrase in the "Languages" tab. Select all or only the desired languages and click "Export".

The default settings are just right for an export. Select "Include Headers". Click "Download".

The created file looks like this:

Hint: the language codes must be named according to the specifications. These usually correspond to the phrase conventions.

App Store Connect import language codes
ar-SA	zh-Hans	zh-Hant	hr	cs	da	nl-NL	en-AU	en-CA	en-GB	en-US	fi	fr-CA	fr-FR	de-DE	el	he	hi	hu	id	it	ja	ko	ms	no	pl	pt-BR	pt-PT	ro	ru	sk	es-ES	es-MX	sw	sv	th	tr	uk	vi
Google Play Console import language codes
af	am	ar	hy-AM	az-AZ	eu-ES	be	bn-BD	bg	my-MM	ca	km-KH	zh-CN	zh-HK	zh-TW	hr	cs-CZ	da-DK	nl-NL	en-AU	en-CA	en-IN	en-SG	en-GB	en-US	et	fil	fi-FI	fr-CA	fr-FR	gl-ES	ka-GE	de-DE	el-GR	iw-IL	hi-IN	hu-HU	is-IS	id	it-IT	ja-JP	kn-IN	ky-KG	ko-KR	lo-LA	lv	lt	mk-MK	ms	ml-IN	mr-IN	mn-MN	ne-NP	no-NO	fa	pl-PL	pt-BR	pt-PT	ro	rm	ru-RU	sr	si-LK	sk	sl	es-419	es-ES	es-US	sw	sv-SE	ta-IN	te-IN	th	tr-TR	uk	vi	zu

Upload and transfer metadata

After the export is done, switch to the App Store Manager. Create an app and a description package there.

Go to the "App Description" section and select "Import/Import from File". Select the file exported from Phrase.

The import starts, and the imported translations are displayed as soon as it is finished. Select all of them and add them to the description package using "Add to descriptions".

Now all translations are ready for upload in the App Store Manager. Select the "Upload" button and submit the credentials for the respective store.

The upload will start. Usually, it takes a few minutes, and all app descriptions created in Phrase are available in the store.

Hint: Configure App Store Connect and Google Play Console credentials.


App Store Manager lets you quickly and reliably upload and transfer translations from Phrase to App Store Connect and Google Play Console. This can be easily integrated into recurring maintenance and update processes.

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