Version 3.3.2


New release: Upload macOS & tvOS to App Store Connect

  • More platforms: Choose macOS or tvOS besides iOS to download or upload metadata from or to App Store Connect.

  • Screenshot upload: The screenshot upload to Google Play Console is now significantly faster (approximately ten times). You can upload a 2 GB file (archives screenshots) in about 15 minutes.

  • Improved Stripe integration: we optimized the integration with our payment provider to improve the subscription process.

Upload more platforms!


Version 3.3.1


New release: Export Android Release Notes

  • Export release notes: Formatted Android release notes can now be easily exported as a file or via the clipboard within the "App descriptions".

Handle your Android Release Notes easily!


Version 3.3.0


New release: Manage credentials

  • Credential management: Assigning individual credentials to each app is now possible. These can be changed, managed, reused, reset, and removed.

  • UX improvements: Changed modal behavior, preventing them from closing unintentionally. Improved breadcrumb navigation.

  • Error handling: Further error information and notes are displayed if an error occurs.

Manage your apps even better!


Version 3.2.1


New release: Subscription change

  • Advanced translation: Updates for the DeepL integration. New languages available: Turkish, Ukrainian, Indonesian, and Korean.

  • UX improvements: some minor updates, refactoring, and UI notification changes.

Translate even more!


Version 3.2.0


New release: Subscription change

  • Tiny Plan: Introducing a new subscription plan, especially for Android Release Notes Creator users.

  • Free Plan cancelation: Since this release, the free option is not available anymore. Please get in touch with us for individual choices.

Find your plan!


Version 3.1.0


New release: App Store Connect Screenshot upload

  • Apple Screenshot upload: Complete reimplementation of the whole process

  • Better performance: Apple screenshots are transferred and validated 50% faster

  • New UI and logging: The UI for the iOS Screenshot upload is redesigned, more informative, and transparent

Upload your App Store Connect assets quicker!


Version 3.0.2


New release: Server and backend updates

  • New infrastructure: For better performance, we have changed parts of our infrastructure

  • UI fixes: Fixed some UserInterface irregularities in the presentation and minor bugs

Enjoy the even better App Store Manager!


Version 3.0.1


New release: Minor fixes

  • Subscription features: Fixed an issue regarding the available features depending on the active subscription

  • UI uniformity: Fixed some UI irregularities in the presentation

  • File template download: Corrected the download buttons for the XSLT/JSON download of the meta description package

  • Subscription page: Improved the subscription page to be more transparent about the available functionalities and characters for automatic translation

Happy to hear from you!


Version 3.0.0


New release: New UX Design and GUI

  • Reworked: we have redesigned the complete application

    • Integrated app icons

    • Changed Release Notes Creator access (moved to the front page)

    • Reworked login page

    • Changed menu structure and dialogs

    • New theme

    • Changed asynchronous jobs/ log pages

    • ...

  • Documentation: we have updated and redesigned the documentation and help section

Happy to hear from you!


Version 2.1.4


New release: Sorting & version codes

  • Android metadata upload: improved upload with performance optimizations

  • Version code support: if you want to publish Android release notes to a particular track with multiple releases, provide the corresponding version code

  • Screenshot upload: the asset upload now supports the JPEG format

  • List sorting: app and package lists can now be sorted. The order is stored locally for each user.

  • Error messages: we added many more readable error messages

Happy to hear from you!


Version 2.1.3


New release: All about release notes!

  • New Android release notes feature: upload Android release notes directly from the App Store Manager.

  • Release Notes: import, translate and manage Android release notes even better!

  • Screenshot upload: the asset upload now supports the JPEG format

  • File processing: “Apple zip file” support for app assets

  • App search: updates on the Android app search

  • Login methods: the Facebook login is not supported anymore.

  • Misc: various bug fixes for UI elements, select boxes, and minor UI modifications

We are looking forward to your feedback and your suggestions!


Version 2.1.2


New release: Refactored and clear!

  • Clear function: Reset selected single languages

  • Refactoring: Performance and internal optimizations

  • Misc: Corrections and minor bug fixes for app search, templates, and smaller UI modifications

We are looking forward to your feedback and your suggestions!


Version 2.1.1


New release: App assets!

  • Upload of app icons: To help you update your Android app icons even faster in Google Play Console. Bulk upload for app icons is now available.

  • Feature graphic upload: Quickly upload feature graphics for all languages and localizations. Now with the App Store Manager!

  • Misc: Corrections and minor bug fixes for file import and descriptions.

We are looking forward to your feedback!


Version 2.1.0


New release: All about description packages

  • Duplicate description packages: To better prepare or archive your content, you can now duplicate the packages with one click. By doing so, you can manage your app metadata much easier.

  • Description fields: App description packages also have a description field for your hints, notes, and explanations.

  • Filter for apps and packages: Our new filter options make you find the desired app or package way quicker within your potential huge list.

  • Screenshot upload: A bug with uploading iOS screenshots was fixed. The sorting is back in business.

  • Misc: We worked on the overall performance and optimized our error handling.

We are looking forward to your feedback!


Version 2.0.10


New features: File export and file import

  • Import from file: The App Store Manager now allows the import of metadata in Excel format. The template is available through the import section. Use this component to import translations from tools like Phrase or similar.

  • Export to file: Save app metadata to JSON or EXCEL files. Use them to create backups or to process them with other tools.

  • Important: the export and import features are available only for Basic Plan subscribers and above. Existing small plan subscribers will be contacted and receive a custom offer.

  • Android Release Notes Creator: Save changes explicitly and automatically through translation.

Contact us in case of any questions!


Version 2.0.9


Included feature: Integrated Android Release Notes Creator

  • Release Notes creation: We have integrated the standalone Release Notes Creator into the App Store Manager. You can create the Android release notes now within an Android app package.

  • Error handling: We fixed some rare issues with App Store Connect access and improved the screenshot bulk upload.

Try our service for free and choose a subscription plan if you like!


Version 2.0.8


Various improvements: Guided tour, UX tweaks

  • Guided tour: the tour helps you to get going quickly. More tours will come soon and cover other use cases and topics.

  • Start screen: we reworked the start screen with an unmistakable look and quick help + entry points.

  • Meet us: if you seek help and can’t find the information within our help section, or have other inquiries, book a meeting with us.

  • More tooltips: we added some missing tooltips in the UI to improve the user experience

  • Clarity: (re)translation is only available for specific languages.

  • Error handling: we improved our error handling

Try our service for free and choose a subscription plan if you like!


Version 2.0.7


Minor changes: UI/ UX improvements

  • Search published apps: improved navigation and scrollbar

  • Separate upload UI (metadata/screenshots): new subpage to clarify the metadata and screenshot upload

  • Save credentials from everywhere: possibility to update and save credentials from every screen, where applicable

  • New filter for “empty” languages: find empty languages quickly

  • Improved UI “select all” button: select all target languages

  • Android title length: adjusted to a max size of 30 characters

  • Contact us with all your questions.

Try our service for free and choose a subscription plan if you like!


Version 2.0.6


UI and pricing updates, Android title update

  • New pricing for the Small Plan/ subscription: We changed our pricing plans!

  • Get the Small Plan (former Screenshot Plan) for just €2.99. You get 300.000 monthly recurring characters for your translations and much more. No voucher is required!

  • New pricing for the Basic Plan: The monthly price for our Basic Plan dropped by 50%! Get 1.000.000 monthly recurring characters for your translation and plenty of apps and uploads for as low as €14.99.

  • Google changed your Android apps' title length (50 to 30 characters). We adjusted the App Store Manager accordingly.

  • We made some UI changes to our app description import and translation section. The changed UI simplifies the navigation by far.

  • Contact us with all your questions.

Try our service for free and choose a subscription plan if you like!


Version 2.0.5


Google Play Store screenshot upload:

  • New feature addition: bulk upload your app screenshots to Google Play Console

  • Use code “WELCOME50” to get 50% off the basic plan

  • Premium translation for business users: Neural Network based translation for selected languages (30+)

  • Translate, upload, and transfer the Version information for iOS devices

  • Support of all 77 languages for Play Console and 39 App Store Connect languages

  • Contact us for all questions

Try our service for free and choose a subscription plan if you like!!


Version 2.0.4


App Store Connect screenshot upload:

  • New major feature: bulk upload your app screenshots to App Store Connect

  • New app screenshot import template: use our folder structure template to create an importable app screenshot bulk archive *(App Store Connect only, Google Play coming soon)

  • Use code “WELCOME50” to get 50% off the basic plan

  • Contact us for all questions

Try our service for free and choose a subscription plan if you like.


Version 2.0.3


Important update:

  • New subscription plans: Free, LaunchMatic Transfer, Basic, Business

  • Existing customers are automatically assigned to the Free Plan

  • LauchMatic image/ screenshot upload to Google Play Console within the LaunchMatic Transfer and Basic Plan

  • * Screenshot upload to App Store Connect coming soon

  • Contact us for all questions

Try our service for free and choose a subscription plan if you like.


Version 2.0.2


Important update:

  • We have changed the connection type to App Store Connect. A transfer of metadata is now possible again.

  • The connection now works via an API key. This can be created as described here.

  • Improved stability

  • Minimum characters are visualized within the corresponding text fields


Version 2.0.1


Important notice:

  • Due to Apple's change of the authentication (2-factor is required now), the import from and the upload to App Store Connect is currently impossible.

  • We are working on the implementation of an alternative authentication option.

Please be patient. For urgent questions, please get in touch with us.


Version 2.0.0



  • The App Store Localizer is now: App Store Manager

  • Completely reworked UI

  • Better overview of apps and packages

  • Improved usability

  • Import and translate anytime

  • Modify and adjust description packages

  • New notification feature

  • Better stabilization, performance among many other features

More to come soon.


Version 1.0.5



  • Support for all Android release tracks. When performing a manual transfer, you can choose from production, beta, alpha, or internal channels.

  • JSON key file validation. The credentials are not validated on entering to avoid errors in the transferal process.

  • We correct issues within our backend to stabilize our transfer and update process.


Version 1.0.4



  • Search for the app title and add the app easily to the App Store Localizer

  • Access to the log is now available through the description status link

  • You can find success or error information there if you require more information

  • We fixed various issues within our backend to stabilize our transfer and update process


Version 1.0.3



  • We worked on some links within our application. For your convenience, you can now access the app log directly from the app status field.

  • Improved some more error handling

  • Added some FAQ questions and adjusted our application descriptions


Version 1.0.2



  • For your convenience, we added new login providers

  • Login with your existing Google account

  • Login with your Facebook account (it will only work with an attached email)

  • Login with GitHub

  • Login with your Twitter account

  • More minor fixes corrected typos and further error handling


Version 1.0.1



  • Redesigned login/ register page

  • Error icon adjustments

  • The languages KK (Kazakh) and PA (Punjabi) were removed until the stores supported them.

  • Error handling for empty credentials

  • Error handling for Google production track: we only support the production track at the moment in the Google Play Console


Version 1.0.0



  • Redesigned user interface

  • Completely rebuild architecture

  • Manage apps and app descriptions

  • Store and save your apps and descriptions

  • Import translations from the stores or via a file import

  • Integrated help with help pages, tutorials, and FAQ

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