Manage credentials

Store access data can be saved in the App Store Manager to increase access and processes. Any number of API keys for App Store Connect and Google Play Console can be stored and assigned to the apps created. The key stored in the app settings is used for the relevant Store access (upload, import from store).

The storage of access data is optional. Access data is always encrypted and cannot be viewed again.

We recommend treating access data carefully and blocking it again in the stores if it is not used frequently.

Configuring credentials/ API keys

The keys can be configured as described here (Apple, Google). To use them in the App Store Manager, they can be entered when uploading or importing from the store and saved via the "Save credentials for further usage" button or the app settings. There are, therefore, two simple ways to do this.

To use the access data, they are entered before the methods:

  • Apps > MyApp > MyPackage > App Descriptions > Import > Import from App Store

  • Apps > MyApp > MyPackage > App Descriptions > Import > Import from Play Store

  • Apps > MyApp > MyPackage > App Descriptions > Upload

  • Apps > MyApp > MyPackage > App Assets> Upload

Configure credentials on the App setting level

The settings can be set per app and should not be entered again during the process.

To do this, go to the Profiles section (top right in the application) and then select either "Android credentials" or "iOS credentials".

New credentials can be created using the "New credentials" button. The "Name" field can be freely selected. We recommend a name that provides information about the credentials and offers a certain degree of recognition.

The way the API key/ credential information is stored differs between the stores.

Any number of credentials can be created.

A stored credential (API key) can now be predefined once per app in the "App settings."

Configure credentials before a process

The settings can also be saved in the process, an alternative way to store credentials.

The access data is inserted via copy and paste and is then available for the selected process. If the "Save credentials for further usage" checkbox is not selected, the credentials are deleted from the system after the operation, both in the event of success and an error.

If "Save credentials for further usage" is selected, the access data is saved in the app and used automatically the next time. In this case, the App Store Manager assigns an automatically generated name under which they can be found and deleted.

Preconfigured credentials

Preconfigured credentials are displayed under their previously assigned name. If credentials are preconfigured, no further information is requested when accessing the store.

Deleting credentials

The credentials can be deleted individually in the profile area. The deletion cannot be undone. If credentials assigned to one or more apps are deleted, they will no longer be available to these apps the next time they are accessed.

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