The App Store Manager automates app descriptions' editing, translation, and uploading. These are usually time-consuming tasks that have to be done manually. Neither the Apple App Store Connect nor the Google Play Console offers proper support. The following illustration describes the five essential steps to upload new app descriptions.

Create an app

The first action is to create an app. The app represents the existing app in your App Store or Play Console accounts.

Create a new app from the Dashboard or select “All apps” from the menu sidebar. You can search for an existing and published app or manually add one.

Create an app description package

After the successful app setup, create your first app description package. You can create as many descriptions as you like—one or more for any occasion.

App descriptions contain all public information about your app. They represent the App Store and Play Store text offerings.

Apply descriptions and translations

You can import existing translations into the app store manager from your existing app or a text file. Use the automatic translation feature to complement missing languages.

Validate and approve

Approve your descriptions and validate all translations—correct fields, which might exceed their standard length.

Check them for errors and correct them if necessary. You can translate single fields automatically or apply more languages.


Whenever you are ready, transfer the validated result to the stores.

Perform it manually or choose a scheduled transfer. All selected languages and fields will be overwritten.

The Google Play Console will start a review of your changes immediately if you don’t use managed publishing. The Apple App Store will wait for your manual submission before the transferred descriptions go live.

Help and Feedback

if you require further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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