Import from file

The file import mechanism allows the App Store Manager to load initially for an app and exchange it with other systems, in which, for example, a translation is organized. For example, combined with the export function, a simple backup mechanism for app metadata is also available.

Available import file formats

Two import formats are available for Android and iOS, respectively:

File handling

  • Excel templates – The keywords of the rows and columns are mandatory

  • The order of the entries is not mandatory

  • Unnecessary fields or languages can be left blank or omitted

Using the file import

Prepare your App Store Manager file templates via a script in Excel, Google Sheets, or similar. Then, select your file and navigate to the “App Description/ Import/ Import from file”.

Important: the file structures vary between Android and iOS.

After the successful import, the data preview allows you to review the imported information. This view allows you to select the required languages individually or in total.

Important: Existing data in the metadata set will be overwritten with the newly imported data.

Note: The imported data is only kept in the App Store Manager. An upload to App Store Connect or Google Play Console is never done automatically. You have to start the upload explicitly.

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