App Store Connect access

Currently, Apple no longer allows the use of accounts without 2-factor authentication. Therefore, the previous login procedure is no longer valid.

To continue uploading metadata or screenshots, an App Store Connect API key is required immediately. This can be provided in the App Manager for the upload duration. After the upload has been completed (successfully and in the event of an error), the key is deleted from the App Store Manager without leaving any residue. Optionally, it can also be encrypted for later use.

Since uploading metadata and screenshots is asynchronous (the start of the upload can take a while), using 2-factor authentication is not supported.

Creation of an App Store Connect API key

Log in to App Store Connect and navigate to There, click on the plus and create a new API key. Do not reuse an existing one, but create a new one. You can also delete it after the upload is done.

Generate API key

Create the API key. Please give it a name (< 30 characters). Choose a name you can use in the future: E.g., App Store Manager key.

Then select the role “App Manager” under Access. Important, for the App Store Manager, only this one role is needed. Therefore, do not assign any further permissions. To check the detailed user rights, read the App Store Connect docs.

Note: the role entitles all possibly maintained apps. Therefore, the key can also transfer additional metadata using the App Store Manager.

Now, the new key appears in the overview. Via download, you can download the key file once. Important: this is only possible once.

Note: keep the key file safe, or delete it after use.

You will need the following information from this page for App Store Connect signup within the App Store Manager’s “Import from store” or “Upload to App Store” steps:

  1. Issuer ID – Identifies the issuer who created the authentication token.

  2. Key ID – of the previously generated key

  3. Key file – the App Store Manager requires the file’s content.

Open the key file (ending with .p8) with a text editor and copy the entire content to the clipboard.

Copy the key ID, the Issuer ID, and the full content of the key file to the App Store Manager’s App Store Connect login fields, and you are good to go.

Note: After the successful transfer, you can revoke (delete) the key within App Store Connect or keep it for further usage.

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