Import from store

We offer file import and import from App Store Connect and Google Play Console to quickly load metadata into the App Store Manager. The app's existing app descriptions are fetched and then downloaded into the metadata set of the description package.

Note: Access rights are required to access the store (set up access to A​pp Store Connect or Google Play Console).

Navigate to “App Descriptions/ Import/ Import from (Play or App)Store” within a description package and add the appropriate credentials.

You can choose an app platform as a source for App Store Connect. Choose between an iOS, macOS, or tvOS app.

The download process will start and may take a few minutes.

Once the download is complete, the downloaded descriptions, titles, etc., are listed. Then, the preview allows checking the result. After validation, the entire result can be transferred to the metadata set or to the individual selected languages. Important: the transfer will overwrite any existing descriptions (locally, in the App Store Manager) in the main metadata set.

The store import allows a quick setup of an app and the existing descriptions. Then, with a few clicks, everything is loaded into the App Store Manager. It can be changed, adapted, supplemented, or even just archived.

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